New Rules, New Restrictions

Just when the storm passed and a calm arrived, a new storm emerged in England. Recently, the government have put in place new measures in Liverpool, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Warrington to battle the spike in COVID-19 cases. What does this mean for our country that had just started making progress? Are we moving forwards into a new tomorrow or backwards to where it all began?

Rules imposed on these cities include that you cannot meet in pubs or indoor places anymore as it has become illegal. This will completely destroy some pubs as the Furlough Scheme is slowly dissipating and they will have only a few customers left.

Other rules include that you can not attend professional or amateur sports event as spectators anymore. You can only visit care homes in exceptional circumstances. People can also not travel unless it is essential like food shopping, going to school or to work. These rules will end retail shops and send them into administration like some Debenhams stores and Hawkin's Bazaar already have.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said: "Working with council leaders and the mayors, I'm today extending these measures that have been in the north-east since the start of this week."

With all that the original lockdown did to the country nobody wishes that we are heading in that direction again. So now it all depends on what we can do to keep ourselves protected so we don't have to go through another nightmare that we might now never wake up from.

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