The COVID App Complication

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

On 24th September 2020, A new NHS COVID-19 App launched. While the app has had nearly 10 million downloads in England, many questions have been brought up about the competence of the app and this will be explored throughout this article.

One problem with the app is that when you log in to a location that you scan with a QR App that you can not log out of the location again and the app still thinks you at the location until midnight or for some until you log in to another location.

Another problem is that you can not input a negative test result. When you have been tested negative you cannot put it into the app system. This causes major problems as if you need to be given the guidelines for self-isolating, which the app provides, you cannot get it as there is no code for if you do not have the virus.

With iPhones earlier than the 6S, people have found they are unable to even download the app from the App Store. This was imposed by Apple as they have determined that older phones are not suitable for running newer apps. This obviously causes a problem for people that want and maybe need the app.

Lastly, every time the app sends a notification it disappears after a short amount of time. Many people have complained about this dilemma as they may have missed important notifications. The FAQ Team from the app has stated, "These are default messages from Apple and Google. There is no need to be concerned if you miss or overlook them, they are just visible to remind you that the functionality is on and working. You're currently not able to turn off these default Apple and Google notifications. Important messages from the NHS COVID-19 app will always be visible to you from inside the app."

All of these problems have made people question if it is even worth downloading the app. However, it also brings a major problem for the hundreds of people a day that test positive and cannot get their results from the app because of the problems or, the establishment where they visited can not contact them. Many are calling for the NHS to fix the app before it is too late for some.

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