Trapped Again

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Isolation. The invisible force that keeps people alone. Keeps people separated. Keeps people secluded.

Nearly, 3000 university students in universities in England and Scotland have been forced into self-isolation and not allowed to leave dorms or studio flats. Many students, especially first-years, do not know how to get food, and have not been given advice. Robert Halfon, the conservative chairman of the Education Select Committee, said, "The government and its scientific advisers should reassure students and families by setting out the policy for England."

Most students are frightened of what this means for lectures and living arrangements as they are struggling to do everything while having to stay in their rooms. As universities do not give guidance to their students, most of them are spiralling and are scared and confused.

This could be a bigger problem because as more students lose money and maybe their grades drop from the isolation. Families wanting to see their children can't especially in the times that we need each other more than ever.

Some universities are giving students £50 to spend on food but it is unsure if that will be enough for them during this strange and terrifying era in history.

So while most students self-isolate in their student accommodation, problems for their way of living arise and the whole university system and the government are doing nothing about it.

See you for the next article.

Byron Grey

Founder of the Black and Gold.

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